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COPA Forum

Have had several customers fly out there. All good reports.

Ross R.
Source: Submitted via COPA

NexAir is awesome. Dave Fetherston is one my favorite people to work with in the business. He will bend over backwards to help you.

Trip T.
Source: Submitted via COPA

I had the Install a DFC 90, 2 GTN650’s and a 406Mz ELT on my 2005 SR 22 GTS na. They held their price (which was the best I found) delivered or time and as promised, and there were no issues. Verb pleasant and very knowledgeable – so what’s not to like’? As near as I could tell, good workmanship. BTW, there were some minor issues that I asked them to address while the plane was in the shop. They did and did not charge extra. Spent some time at Oshkosh with them a few months later and got to know a few of them. Very pleasant group. My only complaint is that they are not closer to my home base.

Bill B.
Source: Submitted via COPA

Great shop. They did my DNS upgrade with GTNs. The work was completed on time and they did it right the first time.

Charlie P.
Source: Submitted via COPA

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Custom Installations

We fly this plane a lot with the kids. Flying is a busy airspace allows us to enjoy the cub but still have the extra safety measures a transponder, radio and GPS can afford!

Renee ~ Easton, MA
Source: Email

The G500 installation in my Mooney by NexAir was on time, on budget squawk free and beautiful; what more can you ask for from a shop?

Bill ~ Mansfield, MA
Source: Email

I can’t thank you enough.

The G500 is great in this (Bell 206B) helicopter and I love it.

Larry ~ Southbridge, CT
Source: Email

NexAir took the time to explain my options and answer all my questions. I would have no hesitation in recommending NexAir to anyone for avionics upgrades.

Barry ~ Sharon, MA
Source: Email

Avidyne R9 Installations


Thanks for the nice job on the (Avidyne R9) install. The plane looked great and the system worked fabulous.

We got home about 11pm last night. I think I am going to buy one of the A2 headset(s) from you…

Daniel ~ Onlaska, TX
Source: Email

Garmin GTN650/750 Upgrades

Dave, I’ll be happy to oblige (and write a review)…

First it was a “crazy deal,” just as you said. Evidently, you hit a sweet spot in the september pricing curve of both products and we benefitted. I wouldn’t expect that situation will repeat since the 530 has already been discontinued and the 430 is next.

I hadn’t done business with NexAir before, but I was very impressed by David’s strong customer orientation including:

  • Pickup & delivery from/to my hangar for only my fuel cost
  • Weekend transport both ways
  • Completely on-schedule and on-budget completion
  • Meticulous installation. The interior and even the wing-walks were cleaned
  • An unexpected free 02 tank topoff

AND, the cherry on the sundae: Dave advised me that he has gotten Garmin to apply the rebate retroactively! That reduced the cost to $6000 (for swapping 430’s) but I believe the best value was extracted by those folks who got WAAS for the first time, not to mention new hardware new warranties, and new capabilities.

Michael ~ Williamsport, PA
Source: Submitted via COPA

Another pirep for Dave and NexAir

I had Dave do the WAAS upgrade with the twin (Garmin) GIN650’s. I also put in the (Avidyne DFC90 autopilot. I am very close to 1B9 but this was my first experience with NexAir. As others have commented Dave did a great job – as promised – no surprises.

I did not need to take advantage of Dave’s offer to pick up and deliver my plane but I did need him to meet me on Saturday morning both days and he was more than willing to do so. That was a big help.

If you have been sitting on the fence about a WAAS upgrade as I was, I believe now is the time to take advantage of these offers to upgrade to the 650.

Steve ~ Weston, MA
Source: Submitted via COPA

I just had Nexair replace my 430’s with 2 GTN650’s on my SR20. No surprises, price as advertised and a quick 2-day turn-around. These guys know what they’re doing. Now I have WAAS, Victor Airways, and a ton more convenience in doing everyday tasks. I love them. Best avionics investment for the money.

Doug ~ Stoughton, MA
Source: Submitted via COPA

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Yellow-Tagged Avionics

(The ebay) shipment has just arrived. Excellent service. (GNS)430’s going through our workshop later today for certification.

Please thank David for me.

Best Regards,

Harry ~ Scotland
Source: Email

You guys are the best… Can I leave more ++++ feedback (on ebay), or are we done?

Great dealing with your we will do more business!! No ebay next time, (I’ll just call the office) no mas PayPal!!

James ~ Houston, TX
Source: Email

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