Any broker can match buyers with sellers. NexAir can match motivated buyers who have the money and passion to invest in their new airplane with sellers that have no damage history, clean airframes with strong engines. NexAir does the rest by serving as the master integrator for customized paint, interior, aerodynamic performance enhancements, safety upgrades such an AmSafe Seatbelt Airbags and AOA indicators, and of course any kind of avionics upgrade you’d like — from simply adding a certified ADS-B solution to a full blown NexAir Smart Panel™ upgrade.

Buy through NexAir…

…Becaue You’ll Get More Airplane than You Bargained For

When you buy through NexAir, we can work with you to make your new plane everything you’ve always wanted your next plane to be. We can roll all your upgrade work into the purchase price, including ADS-B compliance, so that your appraisal for financing includes the market value of your upgrades. So the airplane that you ultimately fly home to your hangar will be based upon your vision, and your vision will benefit from NexAir’s deep well of experience upgrading hundreds of planes for just as many very satisfied customers. We have the resources to search for the perfect aircraft for you, including access to history reports of any aircraft on the market today.

Cirrus Upgraded Panel

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Sell through NexAir…

…Because You’ll Reach Pilots Who Are Willing to Invest In Your Airplane

NexAir has a loyal following of general aviation pilots that are among the most passionate in the business. They’re also among the most eager to invest in great airplanes and avionics that are second to none. So if you want to avoid lots of tire kickers, test flyers, and low flyers, sell your aircraft through NexAir. Our ability to make your plane better than it already is, including making it ADS-B compliant before it’s delivered, together with our pool of motivated high-performance buyers means that you’ll extract the maximum market value from your asset. You’ll also know that your plane is going to another pilot that just like you, will take great care of your plane.

Win-Win for Everyone

Buying or Selling, We Know You’ll Appreciate the Value

We love flying, too. NexAir is comprised of pilots, mechanics, avionics technicians, builders, and enthusiasts. Personally and professionally we’ve bought, flown and sold everything from a 65 hp Cub to PT6A powered PA-46s. On a daily basis we’re immersed in all things general aviation, so we know the industry inside and out. We complete customized avionics suites, customized panel designs, and NC-machine panel cutting in-house on a daily basis, and use a proven network of paint shops and interior design shops. In short, we know and love general aviation aircraft, and factor in the entire aircraft and its potential when valuing a plane for purchase or sale. Send Dave a quick email and ask him about NexAir’s Aircraft Brokering Services.

Stearman in Flight

Start the Conversation

If you’ve seen something here that sparks your imagination, get the conversation started. Email Dave Fetherston, call him at 877-318-0975, or submit an online Request for Quote or Request Repairs or Maintenance short form. We’re ready to collaborate with you so that you, too, can have a smarter plane and be a smarter pilot.