Garmin Announces New GTX 335 w/GPS Promotional Kit

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New Year’s GTX 335 Promotional Extension
Garmin is pleased to announce an sales extension now through June 29, 2018!

New Low Promotional Price — GPS Antenna IncludedGTX 335

Garmin is pleased to announce a new GTX 335 w/GPS ADS-B transponder kit, available at a promotional price of only $2,995.00, now through December 29, 2017. The GTX 335 w/GPS comes in an attractive size and form factor, making it easy to replace the most popular transponders in the industry, like the Garmin GTX 320, GTX 327 and many others. The new promotional kit bundles the GTX 335 w/GPS with a GA 35 WAAS antenna, offering customers a completely standalone ADS-B “Out” solution. Also, this may be an attractive solution for customers who have already invested in a portable ADS-B in solution such as the GDL 39 series or Stratus series. Additionally, the GTX 335 w/GPS is now excluded from the Garmin Installation Policy, allowing non-Garmin dealers and installers to assist with the growing demand for ADS-B installations required prior to 2020.

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GTX 335

Seamless Installation
Suitable for installation in the common 1.65-inch tall form factor, the GTX 335 w/GPS measures 10-inches in depth and the new kit includes a GA 35 external WAAS GPS antenna so the transponder can easily integrate into a wide range of aircraft. Installation is further simplified as Garmin has created a new configuration wizard which streamlines the GTX 335 w/GPS configuration process. Using the included STC product registration card, an STC permission letter will be granted for each aircraft in which the GTX 335 w/GPS is installed, and installation documents will be included within the STC permission letter retrieval process. To retrieve these documents and the installation wizard, dealers and installers will need to redeem the single-use registration code via the website listed on the STC product registration card.

GTX335 plus antenna pricing table
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The GTX 335 w/GPS is not included in the Garmin Installation Policy when this system is to be installed in a certified aircraft. The GTX 335 w/GPS is not included in the Certified Avionics Rebate Program.

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