PS Engineering Reduces Prices on Direct Replacement Panels

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Audio Panel Prices, “Cleared for lower”

PS Engineering reduces prices, cranks up features on direct replacement panels – Just in time for summer flying season, PS Engineering has lowered the prices on popular Plug ‘N Play audio panels, while standardizing some options.

Thanks to continuing improvements in productivity, PS Engineering is able to reduce the list price on PMA8000B, PMA8000BT, and the PMA8000G while making the Bluetooth® Streamer standard equipment in PMA8000G and PMA450A. The Streamer module (a $150 value) sends cockpit audio to recording device like Bluetooth® enabled GoPro cameras or other recording devices.

The bullet points:

  • The list price of a PMA8000B Audio Panel with front panel music jack is reduced by $300
  • The list price of a PMA8000BT Audio Panel with Bluetooth® connectivity is reduced to $200
  • The list price of a PMA8000G with flightmate®, USB Charger and Bluetooth® is reduced by $200 and now includes Bluetooth Streamer at no charge
  • The PMA450A Audio Panel with OLED Display, dynamic IntelliAudio® and unprecedented flexibility now includes a PS Bluetooth® Streamer at no charge.


According to company founder, Mark Scheuer, “There are so many benefits in controlling our own destiny, quality control, product availability, and quick engineering turns, are a few. The biggest benefit is we can control our cost to manufacture.

“Our buildings aren’t fancy, truth-be-told, our facilities from the outside look very modest. While PS Engineering, Inc. hasn’t invested heavily in the buildings that house the company, we invest in our people and the electronic manufacturing equipment that allows us to design and manufacture quality products. It is this strategy that allows this small business to make the very best audio panels and remain the leader of the pack”.

“Each year our products become more capable, electronics become smaller, and new technologies create new challenges.” Continues Scheuer, “To keep ahead in the ever changing world of electronics, we invested heavily in state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing, over the past two years. This has allowed us to realize a substantial reduction in our manufacturing costs.”

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