Wanted: Aviation Parts Sales Associate

Heather Robillard

Job Description
NexAir Avionics, located in Plymouth, MA (KPYM), is a fast paced, high-tech shop looking for an experienced Aviation Parts Sales Associate that will manage our Big Commerce web store, ship/receive, store equipment, materials, supplies/tools, and coordinate purchasing with the NexAir team.

*Manage all incoming part sales inquiries on eCommerce store

*Manage all orders and shipments from eCommerce store.

*Support company management in all technical aspects relating to the shipping, receiving, storing, ordering, and issuing of inventory
*To maintain quality requirements in the field and in the shop as required by the company QA manual and management
-To provide customer assistance with repairs and order fulfillment
-Inventory reporting, cycle counts, and random counts to insure correct records of parts purchasing


Required Skills / Training:
Ship/Receive, store equipment, materials, supplies, and tools. Compile stock records to accurately record all materials in stockroom. Manage and maintain all incoming articles and verify receipt of items on requisition or invoice to ensure order accuracy. Examine stock to verify conformance to specifications as outlined by Work Instructions.

Education and/or Experience:

-Quantum experience desired
-High school diploma or GED equivalent
-Some experience in the Aviation Industry
-Minimum 2 years of Inventory management experience

Personal Characteristics:
-Self-motivated and able to work without direct supervision Ability to work with a team and take positive feedback
-Ask for help and offer help when needed to ensure team success Excellent communications skills, written and verbal
-Strong attention to detail and accuracy

Compensation Salary Based on Experience
Benefits will be offered by NexAir: Health insurance, Dental insurance, Life insurance,401k, FSA. Health Insurance Note: Company will pay 60%, Employee will be responsible for 40%. Bonus and/or incentive compensation payable at the discretion of the Company, de-pending on individual and Company performance. Note: Company compensation and benefits may change from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Company.

Vacation days:
During your first calendar of employment, you will earn one vacation day for each full month worked to a maximum of 10 days. For the second calendar year and subsequent calendar years you will earn two (2) weeks. Carryover to the next year of a maximum of one week of unused vacation time is permitted.

The Company observes 8 holidays each year as follows: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thurs/Fri), Christmas.

Sickness and Other Personal Time:
The Company allows 5 personal days per year to cover sickness and other pressing personal needs other than vacation and holidays. The 5 days may be used in any manner needed but cannot be used to extend vacation time. No carryover is allowed to the next year.

Trial Period:
NexAir Avionics has a trial period for all new employees. This period is for the first 90 days of employment. Benefits will not start until the trial period has ended.

Job Type:  Full-time

This is a growing company! We’re looking for an energetic person that can be flexible, adapt to changing roles and keep the hangar organized and running smoothly. Please view our website www.nexairavionics.com, our twitter page “NexAirNews”, our Facebook page “NexAir Avionics” and our ebay store before applying.

NexAir Avionics
Plymouth Municipal Airport – KPYM
246 South Meadow Rd. Gate 6, SW-1
Plymouth, MA 02360

PH: 508-339-7077