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Had the GTN650s installed in my aircraft earlier last week by Nexair up in Boston.
Without question, it is a far superior box to the 430 and 430Ws. Garmin took a cue from the Human Factors majors on this redesign and actually allowed them to design a user interface that makes sense. No longer when given a lat/long do I have to scroll around to find the precise location – just like the UFC in an A-10C. I put the precise lat/long in and zoom, instant way point – and my students` boat has been located. (see pic)

LPV approaches are fairly seemless. Airport data and frequencies are easily accessible. Fuel flow information is fed into the 650 to give you range remaining, efficiency, etc.

All said,. its a much cleaner setup – and with the addition of a cooling fan that came pre-installed, won’t stiffer overheating issues as much as the 430s did.
As for NexAir – on time and on budget. 2 days, in and out. And for $10,000 for 2 radios + installation included – who can complain.

Alexander ~ Weston, CT
Source: Submitted via COPA

I just had Nexair replace my 430’s with 2 GTN650’s on my SR20. No surprises, price as advertised and a quick 2-day turn-around. These guys know what they’re doing. Now I have WAAS, Victor Airways, and a ton more convenience in doing everyday tasks. I love them. Best avionics investment for the money.

Doug ~ Stoughton, MA
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Another pirep for Dave and NexAir

I had Dave do the WAAS upgrade with the twin (Garmin) GIN650’s. I also put in the (Avidyne DFC90 autopilot. I am very close to 1B9 but this was my first experience with NexAir. As others have commented Dave did a great job – as promised – no surprises.

I did not need to take advantage of Dave’s offer to pick up and deliver my plane but I did need him to meet me on Saturday morning both days and he was more than willing to do so. That was a big help.

If you have been sitting on the fence about a WAAS upgrade as I was, I believe now is the time to take advantage of these offers to upgrade to the 650.

Steve ~ Weston, MA
Source: Submitted via COPA

Dave, I’ll be happy to oblige (and write a review)…

First it was a “crazy deal,” just as you said. Evidently, you hit a sweet spot in the september pricing curve of both products and we benefitted. I wouldn’t expect that situation will repeat since the 530 has already been discontinued and the 430 is next.

I hadn’t done business with NexAir before, but I was very impressed by David’s strong customer orientation including:

  • Pickup & delivery from/to my hangar for only my fuel cost
  • Weekend transport both ways
  • Completely on-schedule and on-budget completion
  • Meticulous installation. The interior and even the wing-walks were cleaned
  • An unexpected free 02 tank topoff

AND, the cherry on the sundae: Dave advised me that he has gotten Garmin to apply the rebate retroactively! That reduced the cost to $6000 (for swapping 430’s) but I believe the best value was extracted by those folks who got WAAS for the first time, not to mention new hardware new warranties, and new capabilities.

Michael ~ Williamsport, PA
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