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    Exclusive NexAir Special -- This Aspen upgrade is ideal for early Cirrus G1 SR20/22. Aspen has dropped (until the end of February) the special $19,995 pricing for the 3-display Evolution 2500, add another $2,995 by including the S-TEC 55X interface. This allows you Altitude Pre-Select and a Flight Director that is 100 times easier to use than the S-TEC Altitude Pre-Select. NexAir's Flyaway Special (labor included) $30,000, ONLY at NexAir Avionics.
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    GTX 345 Transponder ADS-B Solution Packages, waiting for your “In”/”Out” capable ADS-B solution? NexAir Avionics has two Garmin ADS-B Solutions available through Dec. 29, 2017. Call today 508-339-7077!
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    Exclusive NexAir trade-up savings make it easy to extract the maximum trade-in value from your old GNS-series GPS/NAV/COMs. Make the switch today!
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    Exclusive NexAir limited-time trade-up savings. The ease of use you've come to love with Avidyne PFD/MFDs is now available with Avidyne's IFD540/440 and IFD440/440 touch screen center stacks. Now's the time to trade-up from your Garmin GNS 430s. $25,000 for IFD540/IFD440, installed. New lower price of $13,000 for Dual 440s, installed.
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    Exclusive NexAir trade-up savings. Pilots have been raving about the ease of use, airway flight planning, graphical flight plan editing, higher-resolution and larger displays of the Garmin GTN 750 and GTN 650. So now's the time to trade-up from your Garmin GNS 430s.
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