PS Engineering Offers a FREE Flight Trial on their PMA450 Audio Panel

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Since 2004, PS Engineering has been providing innovative Plug ‘N Play audio panels to replace the Garmin GMA340. Now the PMA450A is the latest Plug ‘N Play model that gives unprecedented capability while being the easiest to use audio panel we have ever designed.

-IntelliAudio® provides dimensional sound for easy discernment of simultaneous radio sources
-Bluetooth with Caller ID and front panel answer and volume control
-Easy music distribution with three individual sources
-Digital Recorder with visual playback information
-6-place hi-fi stereo intercom with renown IntelliVox® autosquelch
-Audio Streamer for Bluetooth® enabled GoPros or other Bluetooth® enabled digital cameras15 Watt USB-C charger for portable devices including iPhones® or iPads®
-Available with or without Marker Beacon Receiver
-Volume light bar indicates various volume levels
-3 Customizable switched inputs. Pilot creates custom labels to fit specific aircraft equipment list
-Adjustable volume levels for Speaker, Music 1, 2, and
-Bluetooth® inputs, unswitched inputs and the optional Marker Beacon Receiver
-No computer programming required, front panel configurable
-Monitor Function makes primary radio mute secondary radio
The PMA450A is the second generation audio panel that is based upon Digital Signal Processing. IntelliAudio® is the USAF licensed and patented technology which was originally designed for fighter pilots inundated with multiple audio signals. Now this True Dimensional Sound is available to the General Aviation Pilot.

IntelliAudio® gives the pilot the capability of paying attention to the radio, which is important to their flight at any instant in time. The pilot can place Com 1 and Com 2 in any one of 9 unique positions within a stereo headset. Just like being at a cocktail party, the pilot can pay attention to the conversation that is important and ignore the rest.

Another leap forward is PS Engineering’s improved and unique graphical user interface. Using OLED technology, the large display not only makes it possible to view the display from any angle, but makes the soft-key graphical user interface even easier to use.

The new USB-C charger also brings more power to the pilot. This port can charge devices up to 15 Watts, 33% more power than the standard USB charging port.

The 3 Soft-key user interface is unprecedented for audio control panels. With more and more capability provided by our audio panels, we found it necessary to create an easier and intuitive way of accessing the various configurations. If the pilot can read English (International language for pilots) the pilot will be able to get full functionality from the panel without ever having to open up the pilot guide.

While PS Engineering introduced the very first Bluetooth® enabled audio panel in 2008, the PMA450A goes even further with an internal Bluetooth® streamer. This system streams pilot-selected audio signals to Bluetooth® enabled GoPro cameras or to other digital cameras that are Bluetooth® capable. Finally, the existing tray and harness of the GMA340 is reused without making any changes or additions. It is truly Plug ‘N Play…get all of the new capabilities by simply removing and replacing the GMA340 with the PMA450A.

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