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2012 NexAir Avionics AirVenture Demo Aircraft: NexAir has begun a project we call NexAir’s Silver Spinner-to-Tail Restoration.

Early in 2012 NexAir Avionics purchased N53224 with the idea of testing a new idea we had for updating an older aircraft to custom specs and challenge the new sales market. It was our first restoration and as is common with time and experienced we realized how much we really could update these new aircraft. So although we started with the Silver restoration we quickly advanced to the Gold and Platinum restorations – three restorations, one to meet every budget.

This aircraft is a 2004 Cirrus SR22.

The NexAir Silver Spinner-to-Tail Restoration package includes a full avionics suite and customized new floor mats and sheep skin covers for the seats.


New Avidyne R9 Flight Deck
PS Engineering PMA8000BT Audio Panel
New Avidyne DFC100 Auto Pilot
New Alpha Systems Angle of Attack Monitor

Tan leather w/ black trim
New beige sheep-skin seat covers
New floor mats with embroidered tail number
Interior/avionics cleaned and polished

Aircraft type: 

Cirrus SR-22

Origin of aircraft: