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NexAir’s Gold Spinner-to-Tail Restoration: we begin with a blank-slate and customize your interior, vinyl exterior*, and avionics for a new airplane – at a fraction of the price. It truly is, better than new, and customized specifically to your flying style and mission.



NexAir purchased this 2002 SR-22 had a basic 2002 steam gauge panel with dual aspens and GTN650 center stack. This panel will be totally reworked to include the newest equipment, tidy workmanship, a new panel cut with carbon fiber overlays, and new interior.

This aircraft had a strong frame but needed a refresh both inside and out, therefore it was a perfect candidate for a NexAir’s Gold Spinner-to-Tail Restoration allowing the customer to essentially fly an up-to-date aircraft for a quarter of the price for a factory new Cirrus.


NexAir’s Gold Spinner-to-Tail Restoration: we begin with a blank-slate and customize your interior, exterior, and avionics at a fraction of the price tag for a new aircraft.

Results: Steam to Avidyne NexAir Smart Panel Upgrade

  • Avidyne Entegra Release 1
  • Avidyne IFD540 GPS/NAV/COM
  • Avidyne IFD440 GPS/NAV/COM
  • Avidyne MLB100 ADS-B receiver
  • Avidyne TAS615A Traffic Receiver with XM
  • Avidyne AXP322 Remote ADS-B Transponder
  • PS Engineering PMA450A Audio Panel

Additions: NexAir’s Gold Spinner-to-Tail Restoration Details

  • Scheme Designers aircraft vinyl design
  • SignArt Boston aircraft vinyl wrap*
  • Sun Stoppers window tint
  • SCS Interiors aircraft upholstery
  • SCS Interiors aircraft interior


NexAir’s Gold Spinner-to-Tail Restoration is meant to take a solid airplane and refreshed both inside and out in an economical way. The avionics cover all the basics with the most current GPS/NAV/COM/ADS-B avionics without going overboard or cluttering the panel. The interior is plush and inviting created by a known industry leader. By using vinyl to redesign the exterior, in place of a paint job, a *solid painted base can be re-designed to have a modern custom look without the added time and expense of a full paint job.

*Base paint must be in good condition. No fading, cracks, or chips.

Aircraft type: 

Cirrus SR22

Origin of aircraft: 

Mansfield, MA