NexAir’s Aspen Special – Only until the END OF FEBRUARY!

Exclusive NexAir Special — This Aspen upgrade is ideal for early Cirrus G1 SR20/22.

evolution 2500Aspen has announced (until the end of February) special $19,995 pricing for the 3-display Evolution 2500, include the S-TEC 55X interface for an additional $2,995. This allows Altitude Pre-Select and a Flight Director that is 100 times easier to use than the S-TEC Altitude Pre-Select.

$30,000 Flyaway Special

 3-display Aspen Evolution 2500 package with 55X or DFC90 interface

evolution 2500 in a cirrusTo have your airplane modified with a 3-display Aspen Evolution 2500 package with 55X or DFC90 interface by NexAir Avionics, the out the door pricing is $30,000 (we keep removed components).

**In addition, the first 10 customers will receive a brand new Bolster Switch Assembly with the new switch guard (a retail value of $2,000 from Cirrus).
evolution 2500 switch bolster




3-display Aspen Evolution 2500 Overview

The Evolution 2500 combines the powerful, award-winning EFD1000 Pro PFD (Primary Flight Display), the EFD1000 MFD (Multi-function Flight Display), and the EFD500 MFD to deliver Aspen’s total glass cockpit solution. The Pro PFD and 1000 MFD provide the safety and confidence of DuoSafeTM PFD redundancy. The 500 MFD expands display area to put more flight data where you want it – the way you want it. Aspen makes the total glass cockpit experience for GA aircraft both easy-to-use and affordable with patent-pending retrofit technology and superior compatibility for substantially lower installation costs and total cost of ownership.

The Pro PFD provides professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments, a full-featured electronic HSI, and moving maps. The 1000 MFD doubles your panel’s display area and delivers full redundancy of critical systems and sensors. The 500 MFD rounds out the package to deliver the largest display area and most flexible glass panel on the market. All that display area also allows you to view your approach chart and moving map at the same time – cross check your position with ease!

The 1000 MFD incorporates the exact same hardware and software as the PFD, so these units give you two of everything, not just two displays: dual independent AHRS, Air Data Computers, compass systems, HSIs, and more.

With Aspen’s exclusive DuoSafe PFD redundancy, if your PFD fails you simply press the 1000 MFD’s REV button and it becomes the PFD – converting into an identical backup right in your primary instrument scan. This identical PFD backup means less stress and potential confusion in a pressure situation. No other GA glass cockpit system gives you this level of redundancy and confidence at any price!

Evolution Flight Displays are fully upgradable, so you can add comprehensive hazard awareness capabilities and other new features via software upgrades, without removing displays from your panel.

 evolution 2500 dsiplayAs you can imagine, this is major surgery and you’ll want someone who has done hundreds of Cirrus upgrades. Trust us when we tell you that what is behind the panel is as important as what is in the panel.

Our engineering department has schematics lined up and ready to go in order to build a custom harness that guarantees a trouble free installation. Other shops have been known to pull radios and bring the soldering iron right into the airplane, NexAir’s quality workmanship begins on the bench and moves into the aircraft as a whole complete harness. When finished, the harness will be as if it was designed and installed by Cirrus.

NexAir quotes “Flyaway” pricing – won’t be changed once we have your wings behind the hangar door.

To participate, contact NexAir today to schedule your upgrades at
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All removed components are subject to evaluation by NexAir and must be installed and in a good serviceable working condition to qualify for the Flyaway pricing plan.