Since 2007, NexAir Avionics’ experienced and skilled technicians have completed thousands of avionics installations for satisfied customers across the globe. Although we are between Boston, MA and Providence, RI, Nexair Avionics is known for its concierge service. We’ve had customers from as far away as Texas request the concierge service in order to bring their aircraft to our Massachusetts shop.

As the industry leader in glass cockpit display retrofits, we offer complete avionics installation solutions for a variety of aircraft. Testimonials are our greatest resource and pride. Our innovative solutions have served both civilian and government applications.

Engineering expertise and strong manufacturer relationships have established NexAir Avionics as the go-to for custom avionics suites. NexAir Avionics is an authorized and preferred vendor of many of the leading avionics manufacturers including Garmin, Avidyne, Aspen, L-3, PS Engineering, and many others. Our two locations allow us to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft including both fixed and rotorwing craft.

Our Technicians are highly trained experts with backgrounds that span the experience found in the private sector such as Pratt & Whitney and Boeing, the Army, and the Marines – with a continual emphasis on continued education.

We are members of the Aircraft Electronics Association, EAA, AOPA and volunteer often to present at the FAA FAAST team’s local meetings.

FAA Approved Repair Station, No. N4OR087B