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As many of you know, NexAir Avionics has some very special upgrade packages for the Cirrus. We call them our Gold, Silver and Platinum packages. More information can be found here:


Our top of the line Platinum series will usually get displayed at Oshkosh and is represents our level of quality work that we put into all of our upgrades.

You might remember this aircraft:

For reference this airplane started life as N741CD, a 2001 SR22 serial number 0137. When NexAir found her, she was in the process of being parted out due to a landing incident.

As with all our upgrades we went through this airplane spinner to tail and came away with an award winning aircraft.

As an engineer, pilot, mechanic and entrepreneur my passion for aviation goes very deep. For the design technology and performance of the Cirrus it goes even farther. We fly every airplane we work on and we will never deliver an airplane that has not passed the NexAir workmanship standard.

When we do these complete upgrade packages we are showing what can be done to not only the Cirrus but to any solid airframe that could use a little time in the “Spa”.

This year at Oshkosh will be a very special presentation as we will be introducing the first Garmin TXi Cirrus in our 2019 NEX-Platinum Cirrus.

The 2019 Oshkosh NEX-PLATINUM Cirrus Project

Aircraft Purchase

For our 2019 Oshkosh display airplane we wanted to debut the new Garmin TXi PFD/MFD system into a solid Legacy (G1/G2) SR22. Our perfect airplane as a starter would have been a late G1 or early G2 that was tired and need of a trip to the Spa at NexAir. We did have a few requirements as we wanted it to be as close as possible (some things are just not possible) to a new Cirrus.

The must have items in our minds being:

  1. TKS
  2. 6-Point Engine Mount
  3. Air Conditioning

Our major stretch to a new Cirrus level would be missing:

  1. FIKI
  2. Stability Protection

I am sure there are some other items argued by most but those two items just seemed to be the ones that would be hard if not impossible to get into a legacy Cirrus.

So the hunt started in September of 2018 and we while we did not find a tired SR22, we found a low time, single owner and well take care of basic vanilla 2004 SR22 G2. It did not have Air Conditioning but it was close enough to what we were looking for. It has a total time of 1500 hours and the complete bottom end of the engine was replaced new 50 hours prior because of a cracked block. We felt we could install a new top end and have a solid low time engine that would bring the new owner another 2000 hours of trouble free flying.

We found the airplane out in Southern California and my son Matt and I flew out to take a look. An extensive 3 hour pre-purchase inspection in the owner’s hangar and the deal was closed and we were headed back east.

Here is a picture of use on a stop in Petaluma California where we stopped to visit my Brother

The Plan

So now the airplane is back in our Hangar in Plymouth Massachusetts. We have it all registered and insured so we go about flying it for a month or two while we decide exactly what we are going to do. This time allows us some good flying to get to know the airplane and to document flight characteristics we might not like or want to correct. Nothing about this airplane will be left to chance.

We had several local and within a few hour flights flow by all three of the NexAir management pilots. One trip down to Texas and back got to really stretch the wings of the Cirrus and shake any more issues out before it went into the Spa.

Here were the basic things that we know we were going to do and a few of the items that we would do to any Cirrus going through a Platinum Upgrade:

The Standards

  1. Extensive annual Inspection
  2. New Gami Injectors if needed – yes they were needed
  3. New Roll / Pitch Trim Motors
  4. New Pitch Servo
  5. New environmental hoses (yes all the old ones are dry and cracking and typically are not replaced)
  6. New Battery
  7. New Tires

The Engine

This engine has a total time of 1500 hours. All compressions were good on this engine and it ran strong. It did not have Gami injectors so we decided a new set of injectors would be the right thing to do. We have also decided that we would put a new set of cylinders on the engine making the TBO of the motor about 200 hours. And although not a build up from Continental as a zero time motor it sure would be a very low time motor that should give plenty of hours to its new owner.

Since the airplane would be down for several months during the refurb we decided to do the cylinders after the Oshkosh show when we know we will have the time to fly the airplane and break in the cylinders properly.

Paint and Interior

This airplane will be a very special airplane since it is going to be one of a kind, at least for a few months as the Garmin TXi system becomes popular in the Cirrus airframe.

The paint will be completed by the best, Midwest Aircraft Refinishing. Ross and team share the same reach for excellence ethics shared by Nexair and are team players in all our upgrades.

The interior will be completed by SCS, the leaders in interior work. They provide the interiors for Cirrus aircraft and their ability to take the older SR22 interior and make it better than new is just out of this world.


Well what can we say about this, guaranteed to have the coolest avionics upgrade package out there. Let’s start with the initial airframe. This is a 2004 SR22 G2 so we all know this is standard Avidyne Entegra with Garmin 430s and an S-TEC 55X auto-pilot. In all rights a very capable airplane and fits or exceeds the mission of many pilots.

But let’s be real here. If we were a coffee shop we would be Starbucks and we are not selling “very capable”. We are selling the latest and greatest in technology fitted into one of the best airframe platforms ever. When a new Cirrus is banging on the 1M mark, upgrading a legacy Cirrus to us… just makes good sense.

The new pilot instrument panel is a Dual Garmin 10.6” PFD / MFD with Garmin Engine Monitoring. The only thing left from the original aircraft on the instrument panel is the main annunciator panel. The SIU has been removed and replaced with a Garmin EIS.

With the 10.6” displays we have dual ADAHRS for redundancy.

For the radio rack we have chosen a dual GTN650 approach with new Garmin GTX345 Remote ADS-B transponder and new Garmin GMA350 audio panel with voice command.

The autopilot for the current release is the S-TEC 55X with full integration to the TXi. Provisions are in place so the Avidyne DFC90 can be slid in once Garmin completes the certification.

On the top of the radio stack we have the Garmin GCU485 PFD controller that allows fast access and controls to major PFD functions, presets and autopilot control.

Other / Exterior

We are installing a new Kelly Air Conditioning system into this airplane. We have also replaced the landing light with the newest, hottest, brightest lights from LoPresti (WAT). We have also replaced strobes with LED, also from Whelen Aerospace Technologies and of course wing tip BOOM BEAMS from LoPresti (WAT).

What’s next

As the 2019 NEX-Platinum project continues we will add to this page and bring you the complete transformation of a 2004 SR22 G2 to a new NEX-Platinum offering.

As of this writing the airplane is complete mechanical and avionics. We have completed our flight testing with the new TXi and the impression is just beyond words. This package is going to be unbelievable with so many cool features and redundancy. The interior has been completed and delivered to Midwest Aircraft Refinishing. Here is just a teaser of one of the new displays flying down to Hartford for one of our test flights.

It was a tad bumpy that day so sorry for the quality of the picture. Also note that this is our test panel. The completed airplane will of course have CARBON.

Weather permitting; I will fly the Airplane out to Midwest Aircraft Refinishing for paint and interior.

Here is another teaser of the paint concept.

Stay tuned and please plan to come see us at Oshkosh this year.

Dave Fetherston

NexAir Avionics


Let the Painting Begin Big Smile

So I finally gave up looking for good weather and left Massachusetts last Saturday in search of the absolute best paint job ever.

Plymouth MA was 300 overcast and 2 miles but the new TXi Cirrus was an absolute dream and performed flawlessly.

Here are some shots along the way with come comments:

Right display setup as EIS/MFD/PFD. The resolution of the TXi is the best I have seen. Comparable to the G1000 NXi

Okay not sooooo bad – there is always sun up there, sometimes you just have to climb a bit.

This is what is great about Garmin – everything is made by the Same Manufacturer and plays really well. You can put XM on one screen and FIS-B on the other – very cool.

Lots of information, displayed anyway you would like. The Dual TXi displays with GTN750/GTN650 would provide so much customization. Who could ask for more ?

Full Screen Synthetic Vision – Okay I am impressed

Oh yes – did I say FUEL RINGS

On thing about ADS-B (might be from flying in the NY corridor) is the amount of traffic. I am not sure about you but I really do not care about traffic 50 miles out in front of me. Garmin to the rescue !!

Lots of advisories can be configured. Here is the fuel alert to tell me I ONLY have 27 gallons left.

Almost there – waived to Cirrus as I passed North. You have to love the VNAV capability.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Got this picture from Ross yesterday, wasting no time getting going on our airplane.

Until Next Time


NexAir Avionics

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Visit us this year at AirVenture. You’ll find us at the same booth we have been in in the past. N89NX will be on display at our booth #317, hope to see you there.

2016 NexAir at OSH map

Aircraft type: 

Cirrus SR22

Origin of aircraft: 

Plymouth, MA