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NexAir’s Custom Experimental Panel Build-Out for an RV-7

The owner of the RV-7 panel asked NexAir to design an avionic lay-out with options for a presentation. NexAir engineers designed, assembled, configured, and tested this custom RV-7 wire harnesses and avionics suite.

Upon acceptance from the owner, a finalized panel lay out was produced in CAD. We then cut a test panel and mock up on the bench. When completed, we shipped it to the customer for a test fit and installation trimming.

The sub-panel was ordered and repaired and re-assembled with carbon panel. We drilled mounting holes to the airframe, and carbon panel to subpanel then test fit avionics equipment in panel assembly.

Results: A Custom Panel to meet the Experimental Pilot/Owner’s needs

*Garmin GMC 307 Control Panel
*PS Engineering PMA450 Audio Panel
*Dual Garmin 650’s GPS/NAV/COM
*Garmin GTX 345R Remote Transponder
*Dual Garmin GDU 460/465
*Garmin GAD 29 Arinc Converter
*Garmin GSU 25 ADAHRS

Aircraft type: 

Vans RV-7

Origin of aircraft: 

Temple, TX