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The owners of this 2005 Cirrus SR-22 wanted to update their center stack (gps/nav/comm, and audio panel), and become ADS-B compliant with access to free weather and traffic.


The original panel of this 2005 SR-22 came equipped with a typical cirrus stack containing dual Garmin GNS430′s (one WAAS, one non-WAAS), Garmin GTX327 Transponder, and a GMA340 audio panel.

The new installation is a complete center stack renovation including the new PS Engineering PMA-450 audio panel with USB port and Avidyne’s IFD540/IFD440 gps/nav/comm. What you don’t see is the remotely mounted Avidyne’s AXP322 transponder, and Avidyne’s remotely mounted MLB100 ADS-B unit with access to free weather and traffic.

All meticulously and seamlessly organized for an ergonomic pilot work flow and neat appearance. Be assured, behind the panel is bundled just as tidy and orderly.

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Rochester, MI


Short Pirep on Uber Dream panel (+ Dream Panel + PS Engineering PMA450)

Flew N791LH home from MA today. Dave and his crew at NexAir did a fantastic job.

The PMA450 is really great 3D which is very helpful in busy airspaces when needing to pick up ATIS on COM2. Flew LOC BC to 800’ breakout on the way home. No problems with AFD 540/440. I did read the pilots guide and spent time with the iPad simulator the past several days, but the IFD’s are very intuitive.

I now have 3 high amperage USB ports available! (one each on PMA450, IFD540, IFD440).

Check out the great job Dave did on the panel where the old ETAWS was removed.

The Uber Dream Panel and NexAir is: Highly Recommended