Garmin Announces G5 Third-party Autopilot Support

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G5 for Certificated Aircraft to Integrate with Select Autopilots

Garmin is pleased to announce that the G5 electronic flight instrument will soon be compatible with a wide-range of third-G5 autopilot supportparty autopilots available on the market. Utilizing the new GADTM 29B adapter, the G5 directional gyro (DG)/horizontal situation indicator (HSI) can interface with a variety of autopilots to provide heading and course error from G5 to drive the autopilot. With a compatible navigation source, G5 can also interface with select autopilots for coupled flight in heading and navigation modes. Additionally, when interfaced with a GTN 650/750 or GNS 430W/530W, the G5 can provide GPSS roll steering navigation from the navigator to the autopilot. Pilots can simply select GPSS on the G5 and heading mode on the autopilot and the autopilot will fly smooth intercepts, holding patterns, procedure turns and more.

G5 Third-party autopilot support is expected to include the following autopilots:

-Century II/III
-Century IV (AC), IV (DC)
-Century 21/31/41
-Century 2000
-Cessna 400B
-Cessna 300 IFCS/400 IFCS
-Honeywell (Bendix King) KAP 100/150/200
-Honeywell (Bendix King) KFC 150/200
-Honeywell (Bendix King) KAP 140
-Honeywell (Bendix King) KFC 225
-S-TEC 20/30/40/50/55/60-1/60-2/65
-S-TEC 55X

Garmin expects to expand third-party autopilot compatibility for the G5 electronic flight instrument in the future. The GAD 29B is expected to be available in September 2017.

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