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NexAir Avionics’s Upgraded
1977 Cessna 172N
For Sale, $129,900
1977 Cessna 172 for sale with a 2013 Garmin Glass Panel

1977 Cessna 172 for sale with a 2013 Garmin Glass Panel

An old bird gets a new facelift.

This 1977 Cessna 172N became a NexAir project and received a full-makeover – Garmin style. (Featured at AirVenture 2013)


N733ZZ “before” NexAir’s Upgrade



This is a NexAir Avionics restored N Model Skyhawk. Look very closely at the pictures and equipment list as everything down to the breakers and switches have been replaced. This is as good or arguably better than a G1000 Skyhawk and has everything you could put into it from Synthetic Vision to ADS-B to full electronic engine monitoring. Even late model yokes have been installed making this a fantastic aircraft. This is a low time aircraft and one of the tightest straight flying Skyhawks that we have seen.

The engine is at overhaul but has compressions in the high 70s and does not burn a drop of oil. You can fly this airplane for a few hundred hours and then do a motor or you can have us install a new motor or even a 180 HP conversion so you would end up with a better than new airplane.

We are a full service shop so we can complete anything you would like and roll it into the purchase.

Do not let this one get away – why spend $160,000 or more for a late model mid time airplane with old avionics when you could have the latest.


N733ZZ “after” NexAir’s Upgrade installation.

This custom glass panel includes,

-Garmin PFD/MFD G500
-Garmin GPS/Nav/Com GTN 750
-Garmin Audio Panel GMA 350
-Garmin’s NEWEST Nav/Com GNC 255A
-Garmin Remote Mode C Transponder GTX 32
-Garmin Satellite Datalink Receiver GDL69
-Garmin ADS-B Datalink GDL88D (ADS-B compliant)
-Synthetic Vision
-Alpha Systems AOA Indicator
-FreeFlight Systems XPLORER
-406 MHZ ELT
-Engine Monitor EDM 930


-NEW Battery (9/2015)
-NEW Engine Mounts (9/2015)
-NEW Tires (9/2015)
-NEW Brakes and Linings (9/2015)
-NEW Alternator (9/2014)
-NEW McFarland Fuel Senders
-Newer plastics (7/2013)
-LED landing and taxi lights
-Overhauled carburetor (9/2015)
-Skytec Starter
-Reiff Preheater


-Sheep skin pilot and co-pilot seat covers
-Sound deadening material installed
-Bullet Airvents
-NEW S model Yokes

Logbook Summary

-4214.4  TT


-Fresh Annual (9/2015)
-IFR check (5/2016)

About NexAir Avionics:

We are a full service Avionics shop in Mansfield Massachusetts. We specialize in aircraft restoration and glass panel installations.

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