Turboprops deliver an ideal balance of speed, efficiency, and short field performance. They’re a joy to fly and offer tremendous practical advantages for a range of General Aviation missions.

So, shouldn’t your avionics offer just as much ease of use, real-world operational advantages — oh, and fun, too? If your turboprop is lacking a modern panel, then upgrade it with a NexAir Smart Panel™. Need to upgrade or update just some of your equipment without performing a major panel upgrade? Glad to help. Or maybe you need RVSM equipment? We can do that. Pressure vessels, RADAR, heated windshields, hot section engine health monitoring — none of these factors intimidate our designers or installers. We’ve been there, done that. So whatever your needs, NexAir has the experience, skills, facilities, and equipment needed to enhance the utility and fun of your turboprop.

Engine Monitoring

Given that much of the financial value of your turboprop is tied up in the engines, talk to Dave about NexAir’s turbine engine health monitoring solutions. Dave Fetherston co-founded Altair Avionics, now part of Pratt & Whitney Canada, to bring engine monitoring technology to the aviation industry. Today, Dave’s engine diagnostics innovations are standard equipment on most turbine-powered aircraft.

Piper Meridian Before & After

AFTER — Shown below is the after version of a Piper Meridian upgraded by NexAir with dual Garmin G600s, dual GTN 750s, GTX 33 Remote Mode S and ADS-B Transponder, S-Tec Autopilot, legacy GMX 200 MFD, and dual Magic Engine Monitors. Click to enlarge.

AFTER panel layout for Piper Meridian N220UM with dual G600s, dual GTN 750s.

AFTER panel layout for Piper Meridian N220UM with dual G600s, dual GTN 750s. Click to enlarge.

Layout plan for Piper Meridian N220UM.

Panel layout for Piper Meridian N220UM

Panel layout for Piper Meridian N220UM. Click to enlarge.

BEFORE — Shown below is the before version of the panel, with dual GNS 430s (non-WAAS) and a dizzying array of small, separate glass displays, backup steam gauges, and a DME. It’s more than any pilot would want to cope with while shooting an IFR approach to minimums. Click to enlarge.

BEFORE panel layout for Piper Meridian N220UM.

BEFORE panel layout for Piper Meridian N220UM. Click to enlarge.

Start the Conversation

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